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Customs fee and it doesn't work



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Clive,


    You don't have to pair Pokit with your phone. You have to do it through the app. If you connect Pokit to your phone the device won't advertise anymore and therefore it won't see it. So to connect to Pokit, make sure your phone is disconnected from Pokit. Then open the App and your Pokit will be listed. Then you just have to press on the name and voila, the app will be connected to the phone.

    So just to be clear, you need to connect to Pokit through the App not using the Phone Bluetooth setting.

    Hope this helps.

  • Clive Adams

    Nope. That's what it was doing before I paired the Pokit and it still does it after the Pokit is unpaired.

    My device is showing the Pokit as available in the Bluetooth scan, my device is set to be visible to unpaired devices but the app just sits there with a message to check the Pokit is powered up. It doesn't work.

  • John Battersby

    Same problem here, only mine doesn't even show up in the Bluetooth scan listing. I've been trying to contact support for three weeks now and I'm not getting any meaningful replies from them......

  • Clive Adams

    They have support? I'm going to ask for my money back under the distance selling act. Total waste of time and money. 

  • Frédéric Wilmus

    Kickstarter price: a bit above 50€.
    Customs: a bit under 37€.

    Total price : around 87€ delivered

    "Good surprise"

  • Mel Dundas

    My pokit had a circular piece of paper under the battery when shipped. This needs to be removed to power up the device.

    It also came with a spare fuse. There is one installed already in the fuse holder under the battery.


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