No Bluetooth Identifier - Dead on Arrival?



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi John, 

    We got your support email and replied to you. Sorry for the delay in replying.

    We'll get this sorted soon!


  • John Scott

    I have the exact same problem. According to the directions, there's supposed to be an LED that illuminates on the pokitmeter as well but I've got nothing. I contacted the support team several times but have received no help whatsoever. Very disappointing.

  • John Battersby

    I'm sorry to hear you have the same problem. I appreciate that this is a new kick-starter product and therefore there are going to be a few teething problems, but the biggest frustration is the lack of support. I have raised three separate help tickets and only had two replies in three weeks. I'm still no further forward as no one from Pokit Support has been able to provide any suggestions. I suspect I just have a faulty unit, but it would be helpful if they would reply to my messages and instruct on how to proceed.

  • Erwin Wiersema

    I have same problem. Sometimes It works for a while and than it stops. I found out that the battery clip has a bad soldering. I sent a mail to support and many times a reminder but no respond from them. Hopefully this helps

  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Erwin,

    May we know what mobile device are you using? We know there are a few issues with some Android devices. This is currently being fixed with the new App update and firmware update being released during this week.


    Hi John, 

    We got your returned Pokit and we can confirm that there is no problem with it. We managed to get a connection with all the devices including an iPhone X and we sent you a video of it working normally. Our team will be in touch with you to ultimate details.


    Thanks All.

  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi All,

    We are trying to identify what the problem is with those who cannot even list their Pokits on the App. The best way to make sure that Pokit is working is to install a Bluetooth Scanner App. An example of this for iOS could be the BLU Tool App:

    Once you install it you can start scanning for devices and Pokit should show up on the list like shown on the image below.

    If the Scanner shows Pokit listed but you can't see it on the Pokit App, then the problem is related to the Bluetooth permissions.

    If you don't see Pokit on any of the apps, then it could be that Pokit is connected to a different device. Remove the battery and make to reset Pokit and the scan again.


    Hope this helps. 




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