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Pokit not reading anything



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi, Hoser1000


    Sorry to hear. We've seen this problem before and every other time it has been the fuse not making good contact.

    Check that edges of the fuse are trimmed properly and there is no interference with the plastics. If the edge of the fuse isn't clean then it could be sitting on top of the plastic and not making good contact. The best way to get this right would be to place the fuse and verify it can move a freely in its position. Just a little bit of movement, if it's too tight it might not be making good contact.

    If you try everything without any good results, send us an email to and we'll ask you to send it back. We'll send you a new one.

    Hope this helps.

  • Pokit Support Team

    For all the rest of our users here is a post related to the problem.

    There have been many posts related to this and we don't want to have duplicated topics on the forum.

    If you have a specific question just write to


  • Hoser1000

    I did exactly as you asked and the unit still does not work. Also, before I even posted on this forum I sent an email into your support email and never received a response.

  • Russ Gillenwater

    I have the same problem, I senr an email to support with no response.  Have you found a way to get support?  -russg

  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Russ, we have just sent you an email with instructions for you to return the Pokit.

    Hi Hoser1000, we did not receive any emails at from you. Can you please send us one and we'll send you the return instructions.

    Thanks to you all and thanks for your support!

  • chris “SERIOUSLY!”

    Try installing the fuse " fuse to contacts" (flip it over) both of the fuses I received ohmed out bad on the solder side but good on the fuse side.

  • Takumi Lee

    Hi Support,
    i have the same problem with the fuse. I spent over 1 hour to fix the fuse problem,... without success. Im a mechatronical enigneer i build PCB my self. I want a solution for your fuse problem.
    That any customer can easely change the fuse, so that your product works. Without additional costs !

    Your idea pokit meter is so good that a bad start can not afford.


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