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Is there a PC App for Pokit?



  • Edward Cox

    With the development of a Windows / macOS / Linux client, will you guys be looking to publish them with a GPLv2 or MIT License.

  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Edward,

    We will most likely release the documentation first for a while before releasing any library codes. This way everyone can start coding straightway. Then we will work and release some libraries in Python maybe under the MIT License most likely.

    We've already released some documentation about our BLE Profiles. You can check that out here:


    Hope this helps.


  • Paul Colby

    In the meantime (since that was 3 years ago, and they still haven't updated the docs) you can check out my open source (GPL+LGPL) project - Still very much a work in progress, but already has most Pokit Pro functionality working from the console (GUI is a whole other challenge).  Note, I had to reverse-engineer some of the Bluetooth API, since the docs don't cover the Pro extensions / changes yet. Cheers.


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