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Bluetooth API Documentation




  • Official comment
    Pokit Support Team

    We're updated this document to the latest API (FW v1.5), which includes support for temperature logging and calibration.

  • Douglas Draut

    The Link doesn't seem to be working.





  • Charles Barest

    Apparently there are over 20 redirects to this PDF. Is there a newer link for this, or an updated API for Windows developers and others to use?

  • Colin Ng

    The link has two errant spaces (%20) at the end. The corrected link is here

  • Lachlan M

    We've fixed the previously broken link in this post.

  • Ian Finlay

    Is there a similar API definition for the Pokit Pro?

  • Paul Colby

    The attachment linked in the OP already includes Pokit Pro info :)

  • Ian Finlay

    Cheers Paul,   

    I interpreted differently on looking at the Document title "PokitMeter BT API Defn". 

    Is there a git repo with some sample code? 

  • Paul Colby

    Hey Pokit Support Team, can I get a quick clarification on something re the above API doc?

    In the current doc (Document Number: D0005250, Revision: 0.02), the UUID for the Pokit Status Service is stated as:


    However, my Pokit Pro device is reporting a service with UUID:


    ie the very last digit doesn't match (`4` vs `5`).

    Is this an error in the API documentation, or a Pokit Meter vs Pokit Pro difference?

    Thanks! :)

  • Niklas M

    Please update the API documentation to actually include the Pro features, at least some of the stuff I'm missing in the API doc 0.02:

    • Capacitance measurements
    • Voltage/Current ranges are higher on Pro
    • DSO Continuous Sampling
    • the "Torch"
    • Beeping (for "Find-my-pokit")
    • Calibration
    • (DFT, though I'm not sure if that's done on the Pokit or the client).
  • Paul Colby

    > The attachment linked in the OP already includes Pokit Pro info :)

    Just to clarify, the attachment includes some Pokit Pro info, but is very much incomplete.

    When will Pokit actually release some up to date docs?

  • Paul Colby

    For what its worth, I've captured some of the Pokit Pro vs Pokit Meter API differences at

    I do hope Pokit will release some updated docs sometime.

  • Andrei

    Hey Pokit Support Team

    Updated API for PokitPro features would be very nice to have;) Can you provide an update on when it'll be released?

    Shout out to Paul Colby for dokit, super helpful project, thanks for your work.


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