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Bluetooth API Documentation




  • Official comment
    Pokit Support Team

    We're updated this document to the latest API (FW v1.5), which includes support for temperature logging and calibration.

  • Douglas Draut

    The Link doesn't seem to be working.





  • Charles Barest

    Apparently there are over 20 redirects to this PDF. Is there a newer link for this, or an updated API for Windows developers and others to use?

  • Colin Ng

    The link has two errant spaces (%20) at the end. The corrected link is here

  • Lachlan M

    We've fixed the previously broken link in this post.

  • Ian Finlay

    Is there a similar API definition for the Pokit Pro?

  • Paul Colby

    The attachment linked in the OP already includes Pokit Pro info :)

  • Ian Finlay

    Cheers Paul,   

    I interpreted differently on looking at the Document title "PokitMeter BT API Defn". 

    Is there a git repo with some sample code? 

  • Paul Colby

    Hey Pokit-Support-Team, can I get a quick clarification on something re the above API doc?

    In the current doc (Document Number: D0005250, Revision: 0.02), the UUID for the Pokit Status Service is stated as:


    However, my Pokit Pro device is reporting a service with UUID:


    ie the very last digit doesn't match (`4` vs `5`).

    Is this an error in the API documentation, or a Pokit Meter vs Pokit Pro difference?

    Thanks! :)

  • Niklas M

    Please update the API documentation to actually include the Pro features, at least some of the stuff I'm missing in the API doc 0.02:

    • Capacitance measurements
    • Voltage/Current ranges are higher on Pro
    • DSO Continuous Sampling
    • the "Torch"
    • Beeping (for "Find-my-pokit")
    • Calibration
    • (DFT, though I'm not sure if that's done on the Pokit or the client).
  • Paul Colby

    > The attachment linked in the OP already includes Pokit Pro info :)

    Just to clarify, the attachment includes some Pokit Pro info, but is very much incomplete.

    When will Pokit actually release some up to date docs?

  • Paul Colby

    For what its worth, I've captured some of the Pokit Pro vs Pokit Meter API differences at

    I do hope Pokit will release some updated docs sometime.

  • Andrei

    Hey Pokit Support Team

    Updated API for PokitPro features would be very nice to have;) Can you provide an update on when it'll be released?

    Shout out to Paul Colby for dokit, super helpful project, thanks for your work.

  • Benjamin Bex

    I would like your openness claim to be true. Sadly people willing to drastically expand your ecosystem and exposure to a group of diy/geek/engineer types are now spending precious time on reversing your latest additions. Fix this please, pretty please.

  • Paul Colby

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    As a backer of the original Pokit Pro kickstarter campaign, I'm disgusted that the kickstarter promises are still not been fulfilled.  As per the

    > As soon as Pokit PRO’s development and verification is complete, we will publish the API definitions via Github. Then you can create your own apps and share them with the community!

    As a Pokit Innovations shareholder, I'm extremely disappointed in the huge potential being missed by not supporting the FLOSS hacker community (including myself) that would *love* to be able to do more with Pokit devices, and increase the overall company value coincidentally.


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