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Apple Watch keep screen on



  • Lachlan M

    Hi Scuddoo, the way that the smartwatch apps work is that your Pokit device connects to your phone, then your smartwatch mirrors the results displaying on your phone. Your Pokit device does not connect directly to your smartwatch.

    Please refer to the following article about the Apple Watch app for further information about the Apple Watch app:

  • Scuddoo

    I never asked about the screen of the smart phone. The WATCH screen turns off and you have to tap the face or flick your wrist. Hard to do that when you’re trying to take measurements. I’m fully aware the app is mirrored from the phone app

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Scuddoo, thank you for clarifying your question. It is likely that your Apple Watch screen is turning off when it turns away from you while you're handling your Pokit device. We didn't implement a setting to keep the watch screen to not override the regular settings of the smartwatch.

    The Pokit Smartwatch App uses the screen configuration that is set in the OS settings, which you can change to have the screen always on. Here is a guide on how to do so:

  • Anurat Thanasothorn

    You can try to set "Return to Clock" for each App on Apple Watch. Go to Setting > General > Return to Clock and go down to "PokitMeterWatch" > Select "Custom" and chose Always, After 2 minutes or After 1 hour. Hope can help.


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