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Lock the oscillator settings when using it



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hello Alan,

    Sounds like you may be experiencing a bug here, can you contact our support team at our support portal so we can work more thoroughly with you to resolve it?


  • G Deblaireville

    Its not a bug, after multiple use, I have the same issue. If you want to move the center cursor or trigger and fail to select it you move the scale or all of the screen. I would like to lock all movement of the screen if a cursor is not selected. Ex: if I touch the x cursor (time section I can move only this cursor) and same for the 0 of the measure or the trigger.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi G Deblaireville, thank you for raising this. I've noted this to our engineers to see whether they are able to implement a locking feature for improved quality of life.


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