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[Oscilloscope] Settings (scale & timebase) changable after aquisition started



  • Lachlan M

    Hi carlos_ddd, thanks for your suggestions here. I have passed this on to our app team and engineers to see whether this can be implemented.

  • Marco Tuzzi

    For your point #2 I noticed that if you open the "mode" menu and then close it, the waveform "magically" reappears.

    @Lachlan M: I suggest you read my other post in "Troubleshooting" section where I list a few bugs found in the app ( like these two mentioned by Carlos)

  • William Underhill

    Related to this, would it be possible to have an auto-scaling mode for the scope display? There are times when the main thing is to watch the wave envelope particularly if you're looking for noise or other artifacts, and having a mode where it chooses the most suitable V/div & time/divĀ  to give the best picture of one full cycle would be helpful.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi William Underhill, thank you for the suggestion here. I've submitted this to our engineering team to see whether this is able to be implemented in the Pokit App.


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