Android app sees device but gives a connect failed 1 minute later


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  • Kevin Walters

    I borrowed a friend with a more recent version of Android on his smartphone. The Pokit app on that initially looked promising, it connected to the Pokit reporting firmware v1.2. The upgrade failed about half way through to v1.4. Tried three times, all failed to upgrade. This is never a pleasant feeling either, as half an upgrade can be a "bricking" event depending on design of the mechanism.

    Moved on to an iOS smartphone. That connected and managed to get the firmware to v1.4. We did briefly see a voltage reading too but that was flaky and stopped working.

    The v1.4 firmware has not changed behaviour on my Android 5 tablet, still can't connect.

    Overall, I'm not impressed by this. I was going to make this Pokit a gift but with the state of the software as is it's too unreliable and hence embarrassing to gift.


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