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  • Weber Stefan


    got the same problem too....

    If your fuse is not broken, try to disassemble the fuse and clean the fuseĀ“s solder surface.

    Also clean the contact surface of the PCB. Scratch the surfaces with a needle or small screwdriver or something. There is a small layer of non conductive corrosion. Reassemble it should work again.

    Questions to support@pokitmeter:

    1. Why you did not equip the Pokitmeter with a soldered SMD Multifuse? There would be no troubles with contact problems because of corrosion- and you dont need to change the fuse in case of overload, but its still safe.

    2. The PCB is not protected against humidity. (i can not see coating on the components inside the casing. The pokitmeter is a keychain. In the poket always is a little bit of humitity. Is it possible to disassemble the pokitmeter  without destroying something? And how? Want to protect the PCB with a pcb-wax against humidity.

    Best regards

    Weber Stefan


  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi George,

    Thanks for your comment and sorry for the troubles.

    Like Stefan said this problem is related to the fuse. It is very likely that the fuse is not making good contact on the pcb. Try and get the fuse out and make sure it is sitting properly in place before you put the cover again. Check that the fuse PCB fits in place properly, some fuses may be a bit longer. If so, try another one.

    To fix this issue we have designed new fuses which are spring loaded. They are currently being manufactured and will be available in our shop. 

    Here is a picture of the new fuses:


    Hope this helps.


  • IgKnight

    I have this same issue and it is not related to the fuse. I've cleaned the fuse, tried the spare, and nothing works. Submitted a support ticket, had slow but replies, no nothing since April 17th. 

  • George Riggall

    Will the new fuses be sent out to customers like myself who currently have defective ones?


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