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Offline mode




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    Pokit Support Team

    Hi Markus,


    Yes, there is an offline mode. The logger mode.

    Pokit works in standalone mode when it is in logger mode. Just go the logger screen and you can start measuring by pressing the circular red button as shown on the following image:

    Pokit will start measuring and the button will start spinning, it will keep measuring even if you disconnect from it. 


    To retrieve the data you have to press the Retrieve button, the one underneath the start button. Doing so won't stop Pokit measuring, it will only load all the data on Pokits memory.

    If you disconnect from Pokit you can come back later and reconnect again. You will be taken to the logger screen automatically and you will see that the start button will still be spinning. Press the retrieve data and you will download all the measurements in Pokit memory.

    To stop Pokit measuring, you will need to press the spinning button. This will retrieve all the data and stop measurements.

    Is this clear? give it a try and tell us how you go.




  • Markus Helmers

    Hello and thank you for your answer,

    but I didn`t mean the logger mode.(which is a great feature)

    If I haven`t my pokit with me, I can`t load saved measurements (Oscilloscope).

    It seems only to be possible, if there is a bluetooth connection to my pokit.


    Best regards



  • Pokit Support Team

    That is interesting, you should be able to.


    May I know what version of the app you are using? 



  • Markus Helmers



    Version is 1.0.0

    If I open the App without my pokit in range, I only can "try the app". 

    There are no measurements in History/Archieved.



  • Markus Helmers

    I tried it again and it worked!
    Sorry, I don't know what went wrong last time. Thank you for your help!



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