• Pokit Support Team

    Hi Jonathan,


    We are currently designing the probes, but we haven't done a prototype yet. They won't be available anytime before 3 or 4 months. We'll keep you guys posted once we have a more detailed timeline.


  • kamkong tseng

    240 VAC探頭

  • Pat Travill

    looking forward to 240 VAC probes,

    can't wait.

  • Richard Souza

    Any update on 240VAC probes?

  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi All,

    The 240VAC version of Pokit is starting to take shape. It will be a CAT II 600 V device with the same features as Pokit plus a few extra cool ones. We'll be releasing more info in due course.


    Hope this helps.


  • richwardca

    During the campaign, you offered low cost probes to be added to the current pokit.  Is that happening?

  • David Hoyle

    How are the high voltage probes coming?


    Once out i will buy a few more Pokits ; )



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