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Procedure for first time setup



  • Sake Blok

    Hi John,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles getting the Pokit to work. As one of the beta-testers I had an early start experimenting with the Pokit. Also my KickStarter unit arrived at the end of the year. So I have a little experience in using it with my iPhone.

    Your procedure is correct:

    • Unbox
    • Remove battery cover, remove battery, remove insulator disc, replace battery, replace battery cover
    • Open Pokitmeter app
    • In the welcoming screen it should list your pokit (with the name Pokit)
    • Click in the name "Pokit" to start measuring

    I believe a working fuse is needed for all measurements, except temperature, so you can check the temperature mode first to see if it gives a reading (if you succeed in connecting to the pokit of course).

    The lack of response from the Pokit team is bad. I have contacted them to about sending me the wrong color device, no response, also not after sending a reminder. I do hope they will get their act together in communicating with their customers or else I'm afraid they will face a short-lived existence which is bad for everyone.


  • John Battersby

    Hi Sake,


    Many thanks for your reply and for posting the correct initiation procedure. That is exactly what I have done, but sadly the Pokit simply won't identify itself to the iPhone app. The app just sits there waiting to discover a device. It doesn't show up in the Phone's native Bluetooth devices list either. There is also no LED on the Pokit.


    I downloaded the app onto my wife's iPhone as well, just to be sure it isn't my phone at fault, but it doesn't identify on her phone either. It's such a shame, as this is one of those products that could be super if it works, and we've all waited patiently for it.


    I don't understand why the Support team are being so poor now that the product has been released. They seemed quite efficient during the development process, providing timely fortnightly updates, and the product even shipped out when they said it would, (grumbles regarding customs charges aside). I can accept that there may be a few dodgy units produced in the batch and that I just got unlucky, but it's the lack of support which I find frustrating because I don't really know where to go from here.


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