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    Pokit Support Team

    Dear all,


    We have forwarded this issue to our Dev Team and we are looking into this problem now. We will keep you updated as soon as we find the issue and release an app update to fix it. 

    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Wayne,


    Thanks for sharing your experience with Pokit and glad you liked it.

    It shouldn't be disconnecting and reconnecting, no. But we saw some cases where with Android devices this happens. Are you using Android? May we have your device specifications like the model, operating system version, etc.

    Let us know and we will look into it.



  • Wayne Seltzer

    Samsung Galaxy S7 (SAMSUNG-SM-G930A)
    Android 8.0.0 (up to date)

  • Antoine DANIEL


    I just receive my pokit meter and i have the same issue .

    Honor 8

    Android 7.0

    EMUI 5.0.1

  • Jacob Burge

    I have the same issue also, on a OnePlus 3T Android 8.0.

  • Richard Harcourt

    Huewei P20 EMUI 8.1.0 EML-L09 C706patch01

    similar symptoms every 20-30 seconds or so it disconnects and reconnects a few seconds later

    after the disconnect single blink of the blue led on the pokit and then it reconnects and starts reading temperature about 2-3 seconds later after the blue led blink.


    Richard Harcourt


  • D'Arcy Craig

    I just received my Pokit and have the same symptoms. Galaxy S7, Android 8.0.

  • Ingo Stiegler

    Dear all,

    For an Android device and connection problems

    I have ALWAYS helped the following:

    Open the Android Task Manager

    and exit the PokitMeter app.

    Then restart the app and reconnect.

    -> Connected

    tested on my Samsung S8 and Note 3
    I wonder if it works on you and other phones too



  • Ingo Kertscher


    My pokit came today and no connection Fuse and Battery checked but not working

    Nomu S30

  • Rich V.

    Same issue with connection dropping and reconnecting. Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Ingo Stiegler

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0
    checked today:
    - Pokit connected
    - Temperature measurement selected
    - sent by other mobile push messages.
    - Messages are displayed but measurement remains active and will not be interrupted or disconnected.
    Measurement active for min. 5 minutes (after that finished)

  • PTS

    Same issue on an Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0
    Connecting and reconnecting in pretty much every mode that I tested.

  • Rich V.

    Any idea when this might be addressed? I'd love to actually use my Pokit.

  • PTS

    I tried it with my HTC 10 also on Android 8.0. The issue happens a lot less on the HTC but does not disappear completely.
    Continuity mode reacts noticeably faster on the HTC.

    Pokit sits about 10cm cm away during these tests.

  • Wayne Seltzer

    Glad to see there's a fix for this in firmware version 1.4.
    The Pokit app is having trouble updating the firmware from v1.2, though.
    I click "Update to v1.4" and the progress bar moves about half way, stops, then I get the "Not Connected" screen.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 (SAMSUNG-SM-G930A)
    Android 8.0.0 (up to date)

    The Pokit is working in multimeter mode.

    Ideas on how to get the firmware update to work?

  • Jacob Burge

    Just updated the app and firmware using another device to the latest version, try connecting on a OnePlus 3T Android 8.0.0 and get Connected flash on the screen three times followed by a connection failed pop up. Will another app update be required to fix this?

  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Wayne,

    That's because of the fact that you will need a different phone to update Pokit's firmware. If it keeps disconnecting every 30sec as we have seen, you won't be able to update the firmware using your device. Try updating the firmware using a different phone and then update the app on your Galaxy S7 and it should work. The Galaxy S7 is one of the phones we bought to get all this sorted and is the one we tested it the most.



    So you managed to update the firmware using another device. Have you also updated the app on your OnePlus? Thanks.

  • Jacob Burge

    Yes, Pokit firmware version is 1.4 and app version is 1.0.1.

  • PTS

    So there is no way to resolve this issue without owning a second phone?!

  • Wayne Seltzer

    > Hi Wayne,
    > That's because of the fact that you will need a different phone to update Pokit's firmware. 

    Oh, OK. That makes sense.
    I used an iPhone to update my Pokit to 1.4 and now it is working fine with my Samsung Galaxy S7.
    Thanks for fixing the problem!

    Now I can use the Pokit in my classes and cast the phone screen to the projector.

    Wayne Seltzer
    ATLAS Institute
    University of Colorado, Boulder

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