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Pokit Pro Timeline Weekly Update #41 - 13 Jan '22



  • Austin Hansen

    There's next to no information in this update. "significantly improved yield and throughput. Production test efficiency has also been enhanced" is not actual information. If I produce 1 something a week and increase that to 2 I could make the same claims. 

    On kickstarter you claim you will fulfill all KS orders by end of February but here you say due to covid lockdowns your January production batch is being delayed. What's your recovery plan? How do you plan to fulfill February orders when going into the month with a production deficit?

  • Mark Ayres

    Presumably you mean,

    Update #41 - 13 Jan '22

  • Richard Webb

    good work guys - especially challenging during a global pandemic
    I cant wait to receive mine

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Austin Hansen, we are scheduled to have the next batch of Pokit Pro units completed at the end of January, with another towards the end of February.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Richard Webb, thank you for your continued patience and support! We look forward to being able to fulfil your order as soon as we can.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Mark Ayres, thanks for pointing that out - we have changed this to '22 now.


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