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Pokit Pro Timeline Weekly Update #19 - 30 June '21



  • Jonathon “Eric” Vinson

    What is the current projection of fulfillment with the COVID crisis in Australia?  

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Jonathon “Eric” Vinson,

    Since our manufacturing and safety certification are being conducted in China and we are still able to use our Sydney office, there shouldn't be any delays from the COVID restrictions around Australia. We should find out the certification results in the coming couple of weeks and should be able to begin production shortly after this.

    If we don't need to make any further changes to Pokit Pro's design, we should be able to begin shipping around early or mid Q3, yet this is subject to change. We will be able to give a more exact ETA once we pass safety certification, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.


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