The place to request features for the Pokit App, or to make App issues known so that we can fix them.

PC support for longetivity
11 votes 2 comments
PC App?
11 votes 8 comments
App for Garmin watches.
8 votes 2 comments
Standalone probe mode (similar to Offline continuity test)
7 votes 0 comments
Support for Galaxy watch?
7 votes 47 comments
Basic math on signal processing
6 votes 0 comments
[Multimeter] default AC vs. DC (selectable or default AC)
5 votes 3 comments
Remove the 600V "nag" screen as an option
4 votes 0 comments
[Oscilloscope] Trigger on HW button press (Pokit Pro)
4 votes 2 comments
Lock the oscillator settings when using it
3 votes 3 comments
Pokit Pro and Pokit App
3 votes 2 comments
Manual Calibration?
3 votes 5 comments
Shorter voltage logging intervals
3 votes 5 comments
3-Phase Datalogging
3 votes 3 comments
Dark Mode
3 votes 1 comment
Multi-channel datalogging
2 votes 1 comment
Mode to have "classic free-running CRT oscilloscope" to help with setting trigger
2 votes 1 comment
Logging of resistance and others
2 votes 1 comment
Frequency logging
2 votes 1 comment
Add mV or mA labels to low values instead of 0.00xyz
2 votes 2 comments
Active Device Tray
2 votes 1 comment
Sticky settings
2 votes 0 comments
Use text to speech to read out measurement when HW button is pressed
2 votes 1 comment
[Oscilloscope] Settings (scale & timebase) changable after aquisition started
2 votes 4 comments
Math channel custom probes
1 vote 1 comment
Portrait rotated view on phone and geo tagging
1 vote 3 comments
1 vote 5 comments
Pokit App battery indicator not working
1 vote 3 comments