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Oscilloscope the current in my project


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  • Ezra C

    Hi Stolarski Ronen,

    It depends,

    I assume you are using a Pokit Pro?

    If you expect the load to be small (<50mA) you can use the middle switch position (low current), otherwise use the rear switch position (high current).

    If your expected operating current is more than 1-2Amps then there is a chance you could blow the 10A fuse in the Pokit Pro as the inrush current can be 10x to 20x the operating current for a load such as a motor, the fuse can handle a few seconds of 20A load but anything beyond that risks an instantaneous triggering of the fuse.

    You can measure the inrush current of your project by putting the Pokit Pro in series with the load (with the power turned off).

    In DSO mode the Pokit Pro in one time rising trigger and press the capture button.

    Once the Pokit is capturing, you can then turn on the circuit.

    You may need to adjust the Time/Div and Amps/Div to get the full capture of the inrush event (may take a few tries).

    If the load is DC then the maximum peak current will be the inrush current, id expect to see something like this:

    Otherwise if the load is AC id expect to see something like this:

    The inrush current for AC can be calculated as peak_current*1/SQRT(2)

    Check out our tutorial here to see how to set the triggers ect



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