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3-Phase Datalogging



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    Lachlan M

    Hi Jamie Adam, with Pokit Pro, you will be able to see up to 4 channels/phases (with the use of 4 Pokit Pro units).

    In this case, the Pokit App can give raw data of all three phases, but initially won't have math functions to add them all together and calculate in-app. We will be adding math functions in-app at a later point.

    In terms of the clamp probes, watch this space...

  • Jamie Adam

    Great!  Thanks for the swift response.  

    I suppose it'll depend on how accurate the clocks are on each Pokit Pro, as otherwise it will be hard to synchronise the data to see exactly what's happening at a particular point in time.

    Given that all the Pokit Pros will have Bluetooth, would there be any chance of allowing the software at a later stage to designate one Pokit Pro as a Master and the remainder as Slave units for synchronisation purposes, so that we can get a true picture of performance on each phase simultaneously?

    It wouldn't be a problem while on site if the software designates the timing, but for datalogging purposes you'd need independent synchronisation.  It might be sensible to cycle this over long time intervals - say every hour - to reduce battery consumption transmitting on Bluetooth the whole time.

    I can only see this datalogging requirement increasing until power supply manufacturers can build power supplies with greater tolerance for higher Grid voltages.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Jamie Adam, the master - slave synchronisation that you were mentioning is exactly what Pokit Pro will do when you connect multiple devices! 


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