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Oscilloscope - maximum time window that can be collected?



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    Lachlan M

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for the question. The maximum time window that you can currently select is 5 seconds, but with the new version of the Pokit App we will be extending this to 10 seconds. You're correct in that when you pinch and zoom you can get it to 10s, but beyond that it will not hold.

  • Nathan Quick

    Thanks Lachlan M, 

    What is it that is limiting to 10s? Is it the device or the app? Is there any plans to extend that? Will the PokitPro increase this?

    Am I right in thinking we can't get a live feed from the oscilloscope in 'real time' (well as close as possible). 

    We're trialling these in our business at the moment (marine) with a view to whether we roll out to further staff. The PokitPro is probably more useful to us long term (and I have personally ordered one - just waiting for the day you say they've been dispatched!).



  • Lachlan M

    Hi Nathan Quick,

    It is the Pokit App that is limiting it to 10s. This will be the maximum time window that you will be able to select for both Pokit Meter and Pokit Pro.

    You are correct in that that Pokit Meter isn't a typical 'real time' oscilloscope, as it takes a capture then displays it. It is close to real-time, but not an instantaneous reading.


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