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PC support for longetivity



  • Owen Gwillim

    There is an implementation on GitHub that may be of interest, depends on your familiarity with unpackaged code. do

    This isn't my repo, just the most complete work I've found using the API info released thus far.

  • William Underhill

    Joshua McMillin, Owen Gwillim - I have an Android emulator, BlueStacks, on my desktop box. It shows up in my Google Play list as being compatible with the Pokit app. Going to try installing that and give it a whirl later; will post results.

    ETA: And the answer is "No." The app downloads, installs, and opens  just fine under BlueStacks 5, the current iteration of the software. However, per the BlueStacks FAQ, it cannot access a computer's Bluetooth hardware. Bluetooth functionality may be added in a later rev, but as of 5 Jan 2022, no joy. (


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