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bringing Pokit pro on a flight



  • Official comment
    Lachlan M

    Hi TAN AIK WEE, you are correct in that Pokit Pro cannot be stored in checked baggage due to its rechargeable battery. Members of our team have taken Pokit Pro on flights in carry-on baggage in its case with the probe tip cover on, but we do recognise that it may be considered to be a sharp object.

  • Paul Duncan

    Okay, sounds like there are a couple of possible solutions to this (obviously these will both need to be considered for future hardware versions):

    1) Implement an unscrewable probe, so that the sharp bit can be put in checked baggage.

    2) Make the rechargeable battery removable, so that the main unit can be put in checked baggage.

    Hopefully someone on the design team reads these forums.




  • Lachlan M

    Hi Paul, thanks for your suggestions. We will be taking these into consideration for future products.


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