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PC App?



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    Lachlan M

    Hi Mark Stevenson, there aren't any short term plans to develop a PC/Mac Pokit app, but we have had a number of our users requesting one. Because of this, we definitely are considering this, but there are no plans to develop this for the time being.

  • Paul Colby

    In the meantime, feel free to check out my open-source project: QtPokit it's a Linux/Windows/macOS library and console app, but no GUI app (yet).  Pretty early days (and definitely not official) but better than nothing :)

  • Mark Stevenson

    Many thanks for your work.  Unfortunately, my command line skills are beyond rusty, they're full on iron oxide.

    I'm not sure how an oscilloscope would look on the command line, but my guess is not very oscilloscopy.

    Being able to monitor things from my PC while coding the microcontroller under test would be very handy, I guess I'll have to wait and hope.

  • Tricky Trev

    any modern mac with Apple Silicon (M1...) will run the iOS app... it works.

  • Matt Ion

    I just realized Windows 11 has an Android subsystem available, but only has the Amazon Appstore, no Play Store. Any chance of the Pokit app being put in the Amazon Appstore?

    Edit: I managed to export the Pokit app as an apk in my phone and then sideload it into the Win11 Android subsystem, but it starts and just shuts down again. Oh well...


  • William Underhill

    Mark Stevenson, Paul Colby, Matt Ion - one option for PC use might be the BlueStacks package. I have that installed on my desktop (mainly to play The Simpsons: Tapped Out, I confess!). It may be able to run the Pokit app, though. Going to try it out later and see what happens. Will post results.

    ETA: And the answer is "No." The app downloads, installs, and opens  just fine under BlueStacks 5, the current iteration of the software. However, per the BlueStacks FAQ, it cannot access a computer's Bluetooth hardware. Bluetooth functionality may be added in a later rev, but as of 5 Jan 2022, no joy. (

  • Angelocamesasca

    I think one NodeRed node are more interessant

  • Nbremond

    And linux


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