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Offline continuity test



  • Official comment
    Lachlan M

    Hi Daan, thank you for this suggestion. This would definitely be a handy feature for many users, and the suggestion has been passed on to our team to see whether this can be an implemented feature.

  • M.R. Smith

    Perhaps we could assign multiple different actions to single press or multiple press of button.

  • Jan Dressler

    hey. i would love the feature mentioned above. i actually its the only thing i really miss.

    In the menawhile i would be happy if i could disable the beep-sound in the app. The device itself is quicker and in most cases enough but i dont want to disable all sounds off my phone just to prevent the beep.

  • Lachlan M

    Jan Dressler, thanks for your suggestion here! I've passed it on to our engineers to see whether this is a viable feature for the Pokit app.

  • Ekkehard Oetken

    Your ideas are great. I wish something similar.

    What if you are able to set some values (current, resistance, voltage, temperature.... what ever mode you are using) and associate an LED color / the buzzer to a value or range. Like a pass/fail tester.

    For example: 0V = LED off / 2-21V LED orange / 22-26V LED green and buzzer on / > 26V LED red

    Or: 0-5 Ohms = Red LED and buzzer on / 55-65 Ohms = Flashing green LED / 115-125 Ohms =  Green LED

    Maybe it is possible to create some profiles in the Handy App for these stand alone test.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Ekkehard Oetken,

    Thank you for your suggestion! We are actually working on this feature at the moment. You would set up the ranges/colours on the Pokit App, and then the Pokit Pro would save the ranges internally, so you won't need to be connected to a phone.

    Stay up to date with developments on this in our newsletter and socials!


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