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  • Lachlan M

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the post here.

    1 - The temperature calibration is sent to the device itself, and the app doesn't offset. If the calibration works but is then incorrect after restarting the app, either the Pro is rebooting and losing its calibration or the temperature calibration is drifting over time.
    2 - Thanks for the suggestion. The problem with this is it would drain the battery heavily, so we would need to have some way of turning this off if you want your battery charge to last more than a couple of days. We will see if we can implement this as a preference that you can switch on and off.
    3 - I have passed your suggestion here on to our team to see whether there is a better way to group functions.
  • Bob Kane

    Thanks for the follow-up.

    1 - Well it seems temperature calibration is now holding on PP - who knows if I was doing it correctly or not. However, if it turns out that somehow PP is rebooting and losing the calibration, it would be good to know that and/or the last time that PP was calibrated. Going into the temp module and having it show calibrate every time makes it seem like it needs calibrating even when it doesn't. If it has a calibration stored maybe make the "Calibrate" text in the app green and if it doesn't have a calibration stored make the "Calibrate" text in the app red.

     2 - How about a technical article on the power consumption of PP, when it's highest, when its lowest, how it switches itself on and off and things the user can do to manage power? I currently don't know what happens power-wise when I'm done using PP and exit the app. I can't believe it's ever truly completely off. And if that's the case I could envision a scenario where it wakes up when the leads are shorted together, app preference says put PP in continuity mode and then let it be "on" for a specified time, say 5 minutes. I've never done a continuity check where I didn't touch the two leads of the meter together first so timing the mode out makes sense.

    3 - Lastly, i wouldn't characterize my function grouping as a better way, simply a "different" way that is more consistent with the functions and switch settings of the device. I'm sure there are many who would say the current groupings are ideal. 



  • Colin Ng

    I'm wondering if the button on the Pokit PRO could solve a few things:

    When not connected to a Bluetooth Host, a press turns on Bluetooth Discoverable (I think). Could it also turn on Continuity Mode (i.e. for 5 minutes) if it detects the probes are shorted, and confirm with the usual continuity beep? Maybe put the RGB LED into "breathing" mode to indicate continuity is on, and leave it on for 5 minutes since the last continuity was detected. 

    Also, when in Oscilloscope mode, could the button be used to trigger the Oscilloscope? It is difficult to keep both probe tips on the device of test, and then free a hand to tap the button on the screen. Using the button to trigger would be nice. 

  • Bob Kane

    Interesting thought. I don't know how much PP relies on the app to know what it should be doing vs knowing on its own depending upon the position of the switch. It can obviously log without being connected to the app. Perhaps PP can be awakened into the last mode it was in by the button regardless of whether the app is on or not. If so, then if the last mode PP was in before powering "off" was continuity then it can be awakened into that mode?

  • Colin Ng

    Some modes (Multimeter, Ammeter, Oscilloscope) require an external screen. Only a few things can work without an external display:

    - Torch
    - Continuity (switch in middle position)
    - Maybe a new "live voltage detection" i.e. show red and beep if AC is detected (switch in V position)


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