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Manual Calibration?



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Marco,

    Manual calibration will be coming in an app update soon. We will let you know our plans for this soon.


  • Joe Pasqua

    Any update on this? I'm seeing similar deviations to what the original poster reported.

  • Robheath

    How about adding calibration to the external NTC temperature probe?

  • Paul Normand

    Any word on this feature? It’s been 8 months since any sort of word about this feature, which only promised a vague “future app update”. You’re advertising it on the Pokit Pro’s page under Manual Calibration (“Calibrate every mode & Range”), but still haven’t released the actual feature……my voltmeter is .08V off from my calibrated Fluke multimeter, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in my field, it is. Please provide some kind of update as I can’t actually use this for my job until I can calibrate it.

  • Colin

    Yes. Please add this ASAP. My resistance in the single digit ohms is up to 30% out. Currently I'm being asked to send the unit from the UK to Australia, which is just a pain.


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