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Multiple channels ready yet?



  • Lachlan M

    Hi David Luce, we do have a number of user guides here on the forum that may help you getting started with both Pokit Meter and Pokit Pro in the new app: Pokit User Guides

    If you have multiple Pokit Pro devices, you are able to capture two to four channels simultaneously in oscilloscope mode. You can measure with up to 4 Pokit Meter devices, but not on the same screen (you have to toggle between them at the bottom of the screen).

    You are able to log with multiple devices at once, but not on the same screen. You can toggle between up to 4 devices at once via the channels at the bottom of the screen in logger mode.

  • Peter Roberto

    I tried to log multiple probe Temps and it didn’t allow me to turn both on. FYI. This would be super helpful in the HVAC field where you need delta T.

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Peter Roberto, sorry to hear about this. You should be able to log with multiple devices at the same time. Are you trying to do this using the iOS or Android app?


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