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Deeply offensive advertising for Pokit Meter Pro



  • Official comment
    Lachlan M

    Hi Michael Shiloh

    Thank you for your feedback in regards to these advertisements. We totally understand your concern and why it would be deemed offensive. We did not intend for any offence, but we can see how some people would interpret it this way and we do not want to be encouraging or normalising this kind of behaviour in society.

    We do apologise for this, and we will take down these advertisements so that they will not make any more people feel uncomfortable in this way.

  • Alex Brandsma

    Hi Karen , you must be a American...

  • Byron M

    Alex, please don't insult us Americans by associating Michael with the rest of us.


    Though you're probably right.

  • Michael Shiloh

    Thank you M. Lachlan for your understanding and response. I look forward to working with the Pokit Meter Pro when it is available.

  • Francis

    "Size Does Matter" is offensive and is related to "violence against women"? Gosh...

  • m.d.

    It is offensive for poor men. This kind of sentence is typical of men who has nothing to do in his life.

  • Byron M

    The only people who could read "size does matter" and interpret it as an attack on women, are people who already think that way to begin with.  I certainly didn't see anything offensive in it, so that reflects very poorly on Michael to have inserted his own bias into the advertising.

  • Alex Brandsma

    Is just so sad that a company give in to one nutty bias person! 

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Alex Brandsma,

    It's not so much us giving in, but us wanting to offend anybody with our advertising. We do understand that most wouldn't deem it to be offensive, hence why we originally used this phrase, but in the end we don't want one phrase to be the reason why someone would or wouldn't utilise our products.

  • Chris M

    First and foremost, I'm looking forward to receiving my Pokit PRO.  I think it'll be a great product.

    Now...  We can't blame Pokit for giving in here.  You see, it's the tactic of these UC Berkeley folks to post something like this in a public place rather than taking it up privately with Pokit first.  That way, they can apply pressure and force their hand.  If Pokit didn't conform to the groupthink?  Well, then before you know it, UC Berkeley would ban the use of Pokit products and all the bandwagon schools nationwide would launch a campaign to follow suit.  When it's all said and done, nothing has actually been done to affect "the cause" and none of the supposedly victims really feel any better (or even know anything happened in the first place).

    Oh, and also, I find the title of Mr. Shiloh's post here unacceptable as well.  You see, I interpret "Deeply offensive" as pure innuendo, therefore me must cancel it as well...  Sorry folks...

    Keep up the good work on your product, Pokit, and don't let any of these Mr. Shiloh characters get in your head.

  • Damian Dixon

    Invariably I find myself with my head in a box trying to figure out why some thing is not working. Usual its on a boat with no AC power for a laptop and usb oscilloscope with no room for either in any case.

    I ordered a polkit pro because it is small and does not require a laptop. So innuendo aside "size" and functionality is what sold this device to me.

  • Fredrick Eisele

    Maybe "tiny matters"? or "small is a feature"?


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