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Grey with Red not selectable?



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    Lachlan M

    Hi Murat,

    Thanks for the message.

    We have identified this issue ourselves, and are getting our website designer to change this so that the selected colour will show up in the cart.

    A workaround to get the colour you want in the cart is to select the green multi-pack button (Add 2 items, get a further 5% off) and select the colour you want as one or both of the options. Press the green 'Confirm' button.

    Next, go to your cart and remove the other coloured Pokit PRO in the cart, or change the quantity to 1 of the colour you want. This will leave you with just the colour you want, and you can checkout from here.

    We will have this bug fixed as soon as possible!

  • Lachlan M

    UPDATE: This bug has been fixed a few weeks ago. Adding any colour to your cart should be of no issue!


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