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Protocol/logic analyzer



  • Henrik Kliebhan

    Is it possible to share some more details for this request. Electronic amateurs are using pokit too :-).

    Thanks !!



  • Måns Ejhed

    I haven't have the opportunity to test Pokimeter get I am waiting for mi order on the pro version. Protocol analyser who'd be a greate feature. You can take inspiration from I who'd like to have the DALI and DMX priticals.

  • Alisdair Macdonald

    To get a multi channel data bus analyser consider adding a data capture head to the Pokit. This would be essentially a digital analog converter driving the pokit input, with the circuit under test driving the digital inputs of the DAC. the clock, derived from the circuit under test would also go to the Pokit trigger. The output of the Pokit  would be decoded by software in the control app to binary, hexadecimal or ASCII as required. With 4 8-bit DACs and 4 Pokits a 32-bit logic analyser could be built at modest cost


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