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diode test



  • Ingo Stiegler

    Hello Uwe,
    That's the same with my two Pokits.
    I think that is still a bug (not a feature).
    Hope this is also improved with an update.

  • TeraWales
    Hi....I measured a red LED with my 87V and I got 1.830V.
    I added another meter in series to measure the current and I read 0.98mA so I thought ok, the 87V establishes enough voltage to force 1mA in the diode and returns that value.Then I tested a second LED (white) and here what I got: 2.667V 0.85mA
    so my previous hypothesis is wrong.Moreover I tried the same LEDs with another meter, now using the 87V as an ammeter.
    Here the measurements:
    red LED 1.805V 0.67mA
    white LED 2.580V 0.31mA
    Make sure to consider the losses of components also. Many pcb assembly don't contain the good material and always cause a huge loss of signal. 

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