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LIR2032 and ML2032 use



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi there,

    Pokit will work fine with those, although the battery capacity is much lower, the battery will last no longer than a few days before needing to be recharged. The advantage is that the supply current is higher and may help with live data, but we can't assume everyone will have one of those.

    We could potentially add a live button on the app in case you are using one of these batteries. What do you think?

    Anyone else interested in this?


  • Денис Бакеренко

    I have some 2032 accumulators and yes, I one of those, who really need "live" feature.
    Snaps are good, but when you have "live" visually clear to see problems.

  • Денис Бакеренко

    I think having "live" in options AND warning about power consumption is enough to advanced Pokit users (as I suppose all we are).

  • Денис Бакеренко

    also there could be two versions of firmware. standard edition and engineering advanced.


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