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Electronic Explorer Pack - - Missing Intro to Electronics Tutorial :)



  • Anthony DiSalvo

    Used my Pokit today, it works great. I too ordered the Electronic explorer pack, and I also did not receive the Intro to Electronics Tutorial. How are we going to get it?



  • Rich Walsh

    I really don't know, no answers from the creators yet!

  • Anthony DiSalvo

    I looked at the arduino kits on Amazon and came up with a couple of interesting links. The first is called getting started with Arduino,

    The next is a kit that closely resembles the kit we received. This is the lessons and code. You need to download it from a dropbox share. 

    Have Fun



  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Rich,


    Sorry for the late response. Our team is now working on the intro to electronics tutorial. We haven't had time to prepare it before shipping. But we'll definitely make it. It will be online so you will be able to access it from anywhere. We'll send you the link once ready.

    We'll keep you guys posted but know that we are working on it and we have not forgotten it.


    Cheers and happy making!


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