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Questions on data logging...



  • Russ Gillenwater

    Adding to my original post...  How do I download history to an external file so I can analyze it in different applications?


  • Pokit Support Team

    Hi Russ,


    Data is being stored in volatile memory so if the battery runs out, you will lose your data.  If you are logging long periods of time, Pokit will use almost no energy and the battery should last more than a few months.

    You could back up the logged data by connecting to your Pokit every now and then and download all the logged data to your phone without stopping the logging. You can do that by clicking on the refresh button. That will download the data to your phone and leave Pokit logging as it was before.

    To download the data press the history button (the bottom-most button) and you will see your data there. You can save your history signals permanently (by swiping left in iOS or along press in Android). Once the signal is saved you can send them over email if you wish in csv format.

    Hope that helps.


  • Russ Gillenwater

    Ah, thank you.  I’m not sure I could part with my Pokit long enough to test the battery life :) but I’ll give the rest a shot.  thanks -russg


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