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Add temperature to data logging...



  • Ingo Stiegler

    I would also like to be able to log the temperature.

    Currently, only current and voltage can be selected here.

    To monitor the temperature of a device or a room, this would be very useful.

    Prerequisite for this, of course, that the correct temperature is displayed.

    For me, a difference of about 9 degrees Celsius can be seen in the measurement.

    Ideal would be of course if you could additionally connect a temperature sensor.


  • Alick Reid

    I'm slightly confused about temperature measurement. I had assumed we'd need to attach an external thermocouple but it seems there's one built into the housing? If so, I agree that it's more than a few degrees out - not the claimed +/- 1.0 degree in the spec. Hopefully that's something that can be addressed/calibrated in a future firmware update?

  • Ivan

    +1 for temperature logging. One of the features I assumed was there and a big use case for me.
    For bonus points, measure temperature and the analog input (yes, this is probably much harder than it sounds, as it would mean handling a second data stream).
    Eg then when camping I can use it to monitor my battery voltage, and the temperature. Or logging an experiment with temperature.


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