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  • Alick Reid

    I suspect there is a conflict of use cases here. For me, Pokit isn't a replacement for my DMM, rather, it's an ultra-compact alternative which I can carry at times when I wouldn't normally have a toolkit or even a DMM. Maybe not a keychain tool, but definitely pokitable (see what I did there?) For me, having to carry non-retractable probes would kill that advantage. Might as well take my DMM.

    However, a useful accessory might be some sort of adapter with 4mm banana sockets allowing users to plug in whatever probes or leads they wish. It would need to attach securely to the existing probes (some sort of mechanical clip to the existing probe plastic body?) and be compact enough to carry. Could maybe even have 250vac capability built-in?

  • richard

    I guess I had assumed that the probes would work well with female .1 header wires like you would use on a breadboard. But I see that would be sort of fragile now that i look at the meter as a package..

    Any data on what the current probe 'post' size is ? does it match any common connector female pin you know of we could use to extend / adapt for normal breadboard use?? Can you give an example of mouser/digikey link for some sort of female connector pin that we can use to make pokit 'end' of adapter cables to adapt .1 male/female pins on the other end? or inter-work with something like this

    If I figure something out I'll post it but was hoping you had to make up a  jig for mfg test and had to work with the probes somehow and have some part that worked well for you.

    I sort of like dall the extra space in the case as I assume I'll put some sort of adapter cables in the case also to allow me to hook into a temporary but not hand held setup for much of my use

  • Russ Gillenwater

    I think Alick (above) is right.  A small socket AND leads makes better sense.  Integrated leads are critical to the ‘ad-hoc measurements’ aspect of the product.  That use case is very different from a situation where you are connecting specialty leads.  However, including the external leads opens the potential for many additional use cases.. I think that would expand the targeted markets (and revenue) by several multiples.  

    Following Alick’s suggestions, a small connector (maybe even a usb-c micro connector, given it’s commonality)  might be added without changing the overall physical design.  It would not significantly impacting the measurement characteristics, and there would be no additional power use.  The great part is that it would NOT change the software, firmware, performance, circuit design, cost, etc.

    So, you can achieve a 3x-4x increase in revenue for a couple of cents inparts and minor design change.  It seems like it’s worth considering.

    That is, obviously, a highly opinionated thought ;)   Remember, itks driven by an unusual love of a new product.  Even though mine was received broken and repairs are in support limbo.  I mean, I really, REALLY like the PokitMeter.


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