Continuous *live* scope capture



  • Ingo Stiegler

    Hello Jasper,
    I agree with your request for activation of this feature, by Pokit Innovations, because I also need this feature. However, I honestly expected this feature from the start.
    I hope that this will be recorded with one of the soon following updates.
    With the request to do this to Pokit Innovations.
    Best regards

  • Russ Gillenwater

    Agreed.  I almost always have both hands holding probes.  -russg

  • Денис Бакеренко

    Bump! Same wish!

  • Richard Sewell

    Agreed, I was a bit startled to see that Pokit did not do this already. Continuous capture should be the default.

  • Jasper Mackenzie

    Using the pokitmeter a lot recently and am really struggling with the capture thing. Need another hand 8).

     Can someone from Pokit innovations comment on whether this feature request is on the roadmap.


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