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  • Marcel Payens

    Received today, the Netherlands. And it works, and looks great. It even comes with a pouch, which I had forgotton about. Real nice start !

  • Jim de Groot

    for me it arrived on 15 october looks nice works OK have some issues with it disconnecting sometimes.

  • Pokit Support Team

    Dear Jim,

    We heard about this and we are currently looking into it. May I know which mobile device are you using with the Pokit App? Is it an android device? May we have device model and Android version?



  • Jim de Groot


    Currently I am working with the following:

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge modelnumber SM-G935F

    Android 8.0.0

    Samsung experience version 9.0

    Kind regards,

    Jim de Groot

  • Ingo Stiegler

    Hello Pokit Innovations,
    I received it on the 20th of November in Nürnberg / Germany with great pleasure.
    Thank you very much for this ingenious and compact measuring device.
    It works perfectly so far.
    I could not test all the functions in detail yet.
    Should the temperature display show the room temperature?
    This shows about 7 degrees more than this would be.
    When testing the oscilloscope, I noticed that only static values are available and no streaming is possible.
    will this function still be imported into the app via update?
    I hope so since I would need this feature very much.
    I'm excited.
    Best regards

  • Sergio Parreira

    Just received mine.

    40 eur of extra costs :(  very much not expected

  • Mario van Dijck

    Just received mine. (Netherlands)

    But did not get it to work,

    I can read the temperature, but no voltage at all.

    Using a OnePlus 5T, Android 9.

  • Sergio Parreira

    Unfortunately mine came without the fuse and fuse cover.

    Tried using only the spare fuse, but without the cover, I think it doesn't make contact.

    Could only check connectivity with my phone and read the temperature sensor.

    I'm using a K5000, android 7.0

  • Ingo Stiegler

    Hello everybody,
    I picked up my second Pokit (yellow) the day before yesterday (14.01.2019).
    The customs fee cost me 10 €.
    The mail notification I got for it already on 28.12.2018 received over QUANTIUM.
    Shipping overseas took 20 days (08.12).

    On my first Pokit (transparent, arrived in December 2017)
    There are no customs fees. Unfortunately, I do not remember if the bill was attached to the outside and thus immediately apparent. The man at the customs said, then I would have received the package immediately.

    As was the case with the first Pokit in December, everything worked perfectly right from the start. (Except the already known things that I think are still missing
    - Temperature calibration
    - Temperature logging
    - Live scope
    - possibly multichannel oscillosp)

    I am very sorry to hear that there seems to be no function with multiple buyers and pokits.

    My third Pokit (white) has already arrived at the Customs.
    The letter was in the post yesterday (15.01.2019) and I will probably pick it up this week when I have time.
    But I have to hurry because the post sends it back after 7 days if I should not pick it up.
    This was sent on 7.12.2018 by QUANTIUM Hong Kong
    Shipping to overseas was on 15.12.2018
    Received at the Transit Center QUANTIUM on 31.12.2018
    I'm curious if this works well.

    Greetings from Nuremberg, Germany
    Ingo Stiegler



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