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How to check if your Pokit Pro fuse is blown



  • Colin Ng

    I have ended up blowing fuses before (even though I tend to be slow, methodical, careful), so when I did my pre-order I added in the spare fuse kit (2 x 500mA, 1 x 10A, spare red and black wire clips):

    The manual states they are:

    • Fuse for High Current: 10A, 600V AC/DC FAST 10kA Fuse (PN: 0ADAC9100-BE)
    • Fuse for Low Current: 0.5A, 600V AC/DC FAST 10kA Fuse (PN: 0ADAC0500-BE)

    I've linked to Digi-Key USA, but you can just change the .com to .ca, etc. 

  • Steve Smith


    Just received my two Pokit Pro units, all connected OK and quickly.

    As an electronics engineer, I am used to using this sort of test equipment, so after a few checks I switched both units to Voltage mode.

    As a note for the more novice user,please ship the probes with the mode switch in VOLTAGE mode NOT current mode.

    My issue was the first unit when connected to an NiMh battery measured the expected voltage, compared to my Fluke DVM.

    The second unit however didn't read anything useful.

    I put the unit into continuity mode and checked it, OC, so either the wiring or one of the fuses !!

    I carefully took the unit apart and managed to get the fuses out.

    The 10A fuse was fine, but the 500mA fuse was blown.

    I found it quite tricky to push the 10A fuse back in.

    So my question is how do I get a replacement 500mA fuse ?

    It would be useful if the original kit had a spare pair of fuses included, as I'm sure the spect is important, such as Voltage rating and internal resistance of the fuse itself, as this will affect the reading.

    Otherwise the working unit works well and seems accurate on voltage and compares with my Fluke, in both voltage and resistance.

    Quality of the whole kit is great, even the little pouch.

    well done.


    Steve Smith.


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