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Pokit Pro Timeline Weekly Update #42 - 27 Jan '22



  • Steve Guzmán

    The release calendar might be more useful if the order numbers were associated with the dates... like... when is order 9008030 expected to ship?

  • Paco Gomez Molinero

    Fully agreed, I am quite confused about the date that I will finally receive my order.

  • Teef

    Did I miss a weekly update ? This here seems being the last one (

  • Mark Ayres

    Yes, indeed.

    I am not complaining: we all know there have been many issues down the line. But well over two years after ordering, it would be good to have a clearer idea of delivery. I am assuming I should get mine mid-March. But that's a big assumption at this point! :)


  • Lachlan M

    Hi Steve Guzmán, since your order was placed via our website, it is currently scheduled to be fulfilled in late-March/April.

  • Lawrence Caldwell

    I agree regarding confusion... I thought I was Kickstarter early bird, but after this much time since ordering... I'm not sure anymore. My contribution ID was 860 back in 2019, and I've heard nothing about my unit shipping...

  • Dirk Appel

    Pledge 1525 - placed in Januari 2019
    - delivery date?

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Dirk Appel, I can see that you have backed us via IndieGoGo. All IndieGoGo orders are currently scheduled to be fulfilled in March/April 2022.

  • Jersey Beadle

    I’m backer number 977 on kickstarter. Any idea when it will ship?

  • Simon Bunn

    Hey, its finally coming and I am looking forward to this greatly.  I downloaded the Android App some time ago and it says I am a 'beat tester'.  It is 1.0.26.  Is this right or should we clear the App and download again?


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