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Pokit Pro Timeline Weekly Update #37 - 10 Nov '21



  • Colin Ng

    Congratulations on this milestone! Your product will make a lot of people safer, more productive, and help us technicians/scientists/engineers/hobbyists in turn make better things. 

    I recall backpacking to a remote village, and because I happened to have a portable oscilloscope, our team was able to (safely) wire up a water pump. The probe I used at the time was +/-40V maximum, so we had to use a 10x voltage divider probe and my sketchy home-built BNC to SMA adapter.

    Yours obviates the need for a divider probe (and a flashlight, and possibly even the bulky case to hold it all), does more, and is safer to boot. 

  • Lachlan M

    Thank you, Colin Ng! We think that Pokit Pro will make things simpler and safer for those who want to take measurements on the go, such as yourself.


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