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Pokit Pro Timeline Weekly Update #31 - 22 Sep '21



  • Don Abernethy

    How can we tell what end of the release dates I am at? Been waiting 7 months, is there many waiting from before this date? Is it possible to narrow down the possible delivery date from our purchase date?

  • David Cooley

    you can go to the kickstarter page and look at your pledge to see what your backer number is.

    Then look at the timeline.  if you are 500 or less you are in the first batch.  501-2500, the second etc.

    I am backer 384 and I put in my order via kickstarter in 2019.

  • Don Abernethy

    Thanks David, but I didn't order through kickstarter, all I have is an order number from But I can imagine if you were that number in 2019, then I'll be quite far down from 02/2021.

  • Paco Gomez Molinero

    I second Don's request. All I have is a purchase order number (placed in July 2020). It would be nice to know the estimated delivery date based on that

  • Lachlan M

    Hi Don Abernethy,

    You can determine when you will receive your order by where you placed your order. If you placed your order via our website (Pokit Shop), then your order will be fulfilled in mid-March 2022 with the rest of the orders placed here.


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