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Pokit Meter not connecting



  • Jackie Tan

    I have tried all of these steps on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone that has all systems updated. I have confirmed in the Application manager that Pokit has location enabled. My bluetooth is on. I have loaded a BLE scanner and can see the Pokit is detected. In the Pokit app, it never finds my Pokit. My husband has his own Pokit and matching phone. Also cannot detect Pokit.

    I can connect using my Ipad and everything works perfectly. 

    We would like to use Pokit with our phones since they are always with us. 

    Please help.

  • Alistair Sutter

    Tried all of these steps on my iPhone 6+. I can see the pokit in the BLE Scanner but I can't connect to it. Will work from an android tablet but that's obviously not what I want to use. My multimeter is smaller than a tablet.

    The app never asks for my permission to use location. So it's never actually allowed to use BLE on my phone. This is probably a simple thing to fix but the developers of the app are too lazy to fix it or i don't know. I told them about it a year ago.

    This was a gift from my father and both of us being professionals we are very dissapointed with this product. Useless.


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